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Maltby Driving School for Driving lessons in the Rotherham area........................... Maltby Pet Minding, Home care for Pets, Dog walking,

Driving lessons, intensive driving courses in Rotherham area, including Maltby, Bramley, Hellaby, Wickersley, Braithwell, Ravenfield, Thrybergh, Thurcroft, Tickhill, Dinnington, Harworth, by Maltby driving school. Rotherham, South Yorkshire 815016

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Pet minder, pet sitter, dog walker, pet home boarding, dog sitter, dog minder, dog boarding, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, South Yorkshire,  Worksop,  dogs, cats and small pets cared for in our home a good alternative to kennels

 Maltby Dog Walking,  Pet minding and

Home Caring service for dogs and small pets

Talk to Dave or Sandra on.

Rotherham 01709 815016 




Maltby pet care service provides an alternative to dog boarding kennels in the Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster and Worksop area.

We provide care for dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, Hamsters, Birds, and any other small pets and animals.

Our services can be tailored to your needs in order to provide the best possible care for your pet. Our services include dog walking, pet home care, pet minding,

pet home boarding, pet sitting, dog sitting, cat sitting, and pet day care . Pet sitting and dog walking are in the maltby area only.



Rest assured your dog or pet will be kept safe and happy whilst you enjoy your holiday.
The whole family will be involved in the care of your pet and we are all animal lovers, your pets safety and happiness means as much to us as it does to you.

We have grown up around dogs and other small pets and know how upsetting leaving your best friend in kennels can be; We began by caring for dogs and

pets from family and friends. Sandra was an OFSTED Registered Child minder for many years, looking after children and wanted to follow her passion of

looking after Dogs and other small pets. I am a driving instructor but I spend much of my time walking and caring for your pets, we live with our son and

daughter and friendly dog Bonnie.


We  are CRB checked and fully insured.




TASHA R.I.P. 01/98 to 02/12            BONNIE                    RILEY FROM WORKSOP WITH BONNIE AND TASHA


Dog Walking In Maltby


Do you need someone to walk and feed your dog whilst you are at work or to come and let them out and provide some company? 

Our dog walking and exercising service can be tailored to meet your dog’s requirements and we avoid walking more than 4 dogs together at a time.

According to the National Office of Animal Health, daily exercise is essential to keep dogs healthy, as well as mentally and physically stimulated.

Exercise not only improves your dog’s wellbeing, but also helps build muscle tone and prevents depression, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioural issues. Our dog walking service is only provided in Maltby,  Bramley, Hellaby, Wickersley, Braithwell, Ravenfield, Tickhill, and Stainton area.



 Dog and Pet home care, is a good alternative to licensed boarding kennels.


Leave your dog or pet in safe hands in the care and warmth of a home environment.

Dog and pet home Boarding is where your dog, cat, rabbit, small pet is cared for in our home or your home instead of boarding kennels. It provides a more sensitive

and caring alternative to kennels, in comfortable surroundings, providing peace of mind to both owner and dog, pet. Your dog or pet will come and live in our home

as one of the family along with our lovely well behaved dog Bonnie. They will have free run of our home and garden to play in and as

our guest your dog will be fed and exercised to your specific requirements. They will receive plenty of love and attention in your absence. Our pet

minding service creates less stress and anxiety for you and your pet, it allows their routine to be catered for and their individual requirements

such as dispensing of medication, this is unlike boarding kennels that have very set routines. You will be more relaxed and enjoy your holiday

safe in the knowledge that your dog is being cared for. So if you live in the Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster or Worksop area please give us a call

for more information.

Why pay kennels for accommodation when you can pay for care and get accommodation free.


Bring along your dog's bedding and favourite toys and when you leave be positive and upbeat. Don’t apologise to your dog, they will sense your

discomfort and become upset themselves.

Keep the goodbyes short and sweet and you will return to find that your dog or pet has enjoyed their holiday just as much as you did.

We strongly recommend that your dog or pet is up to date with all vaccines and  wormed,

Make sure you protect your pets and keep them safe by keeping up to date with their vaccinations.  



 Puppy and Elderly Dog Visits


Puppies and older dogs need regular care during the day. We provide care visits that can include house or garden play or a short walk from the house.

For puppies this early routine can evolve into a full walk as the dog gets older, stronger and is socialised. This service is only provided in Maltby,

Bramley, Hellaby, Wickersley, Braithwell, Ravenfield, Tickhill, and Stainton area.


 Pet Sitting and Small Pet Care


Some cats and dogs prefer to stay at home when you are on holiday or are away on business. They have their own bed and surroundings whilst we provide

regular human contact.

What could be better? We can visit two or three times a day to see that your pets needs are catered for. Not only that but we can keep your home

safe by avoiding post building up at the front door. We can also water house plants, put out the bins and alternate curtains and lights. This service

is only provided in Maltby,  Bramley, Hellaby, Wickersley, Braithwell, Ravenfield, Tickhill, and Stainton area.


This service is also available for small pets such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, birds and exotics. We can feed and clean

according to your normal care routines.


We do not look after dogs in our home that are unneutered, that show signs of aggression and dominance to people and other dogs, that are destructive,

are not house trained and cannot be left on their own for up to three hours without excessive barking, but we can care for them whilst they stay in your home.


Visits by appointment only.



    Link to  Pet Minding Discussion Forum




Dog owners hit with £46 million vet bill after their dogs return from kennels.

Link to Direct Line campaigns to regulate kennel standards – Animal Welfare Bill

Link to Direct line pet insurance


It’s costing dog owners £46 million throughout the lifetime of their dog due to poor kennel conditions, according to new research by Direct Line Pet

Insurance. The research highlights that out of 5,400,000 dogs in the UK, 300,000 have had to visit the vet as a result of a stay in kennels at a cost

of more than £150 per dog on fees.

Over one in 10 dogs (12%) had contracted an illness and 4% injury themselves during their time in the kennels.
This despite the fact that 87% of dog owners who used kennels inspected them before making a booking and almost a third (32%) visited more than

one before choosing what kennel they thought was the best.


A stay with us means your dog isn’t locked in a cage or a kennel and only comes into contact with our dogs that are fully vaccinated.

Most dog welfare organisations regard Home Boarding where your dog stays in someone’s home as being preferable to boarding kennels. This is

because confinement can be stressful for an animal and may leads to behavioural problems or stress related illnesses.

Link to 



When Buster came to visit he had a good time playing with Bonnie.

Busters owner from Maltby said "I have put my dog in kennels in past years, and have had quite a worrying time on hoilday. Believe me this year my mind was absolutly at rest, Sandra provides a top quality service second to none, I will be using her sevice for many hoildays to come, and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for looking after my dog so well, a big thank you from Buster and my family.

Riley had a good day out at lake side with bonnie and tasha and he couldn't wait to have a dip in the water unlike our dogs that don' like to get their feet wet.

Jaffa was a very playful cat; he kept Bonnie amused for hours.

Rabbit Care sheet by vet4pets

Rabbit Pet Care by the RSPCA

Dog care sheet by the RSPCA


What Oscar's owner from Maltby had to say,"I have had the pleasure of

using sandra's pet minding service and can honestly say bonnie is all

bark and no action I came back from my holiday and my dog was well

cared for . I could relax knowing my dog wasn't locked up for 22 hours

aday. "I would highly recommend this service and am using it again

shortly and I had a lovely holiday in spain, relaxed knowing oscar was

being well cared for, once again thanks to sandra's pet service"


This is Snowy a lovely white rabbit enjoying fresh carrot and broccoli.

Your rabbit will receive plenty of contact and will be allowed out of the

cage to play in the house and a secure part of the garden. Your rabbit

will be cleaned out daily and fed to your requirements. The rabbit will

be kept out of the bad weather and bought indoors at night.